Get Ready for Summer or Winter!
We do the driving, you take the plane.

 House in the UK or Europe? Car in the UK or Europe? Need to get to the shoot? Chalet in the Alps? Roddy Wakeford and Edward Hoare will move the car with your luggage, dog and Granny if you like from your home to meet you at the airport or deliver to your door.   



Who are we?

Partners, Roddy and Edward have travelled the UK, Europe, Africa and beyond.  Wakeford & Hoare are a group of people who are older, wiser, more responsible  and  most importantly look after your property as you would yourself. We offer a bespoke or individualised service for those who want to make the most of limited holiday time, shooting time or skiing time.


Our Services


You pack the car, we’ll drive it and unpack it (get on that plane with nothing but the clothes on your back)

We’ll drive with you, and/or your dog or anyone you wish

We'll take your guns (we have licences) and/or we'll take your skis etc.

We’ll prepare the house for your arrival (clean, air, check the water and electricity, sort out the garden, clean the pool)

We’ll stock it (food, booze and any other goodies you want)

Need a cook? – We’ll find a cook

We’ll property prepare, we’ll property pack up

We’ll property manage (short term, long term) 


Satisfaction Guaranteed

While working with us, we want you to be completely happy with the experience. We'll entertain your preferences, we'll keep it simple, we'll look after you and your valuable people and belongings. 

Meet the Team



Roddy Wakeford

Senior Partner

Roddy's career is many and varied from British Army to Commodity Broking to Stockbroking to running businesses in South Africa and latterly managing exclusive residential property in the Cape. He decided to return to the UK and what started as a chat in a cafe with his old mucker, Edward Hoare culminated in Wakeford & Hoare

Strong on people, details, admin and personalisation



Edward Hoare


Edward, like Roddy also has an interesting CV which includes a huge amount of travelling, a stint working in South Africa and now settled in the UK. Edward has largely been involved in film, TV and advertising production with Masterchef amongst his credits. He is a hospitality leader of note and where Edward goes, people follow. Great ethics, very strong on service and standards  



Roddy, Edward and Others

The Partners organise, the partners drive, the partners manage your property from top to bottom, the partners cook, clean and bottle-wash. However, when life gets busy, we sub-contract but only to strongly vetted, experienced, careful people. We don't do reckless!

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