Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why on earth would we use you?



We are older, experienced, wiser, conscientious, tidy, safe drivers and not frightened to get our hands dirty. You’ll like us; we’re terrible nice and frightfully polite. You’ll trust us; we’re ethical, honest, reliable and hold old fashioned values. We speak a smattering of French, Spanish and Italian. We’re efficient, we’re professional, we like detail, we want you to feel somewhat special and we won’t waste your money. 

What do I have to do?


As much or as little as you like. You give us a brief and we can take it from there. You might like us to collect your car from your holiday house only, you might prefer to meet us at the airport and send us on our way from there. you might want us to spend a week at the property beforehand and a week afterwards. The combinations are endless but what ever they are, we'll accommodate you.

How about costs along the way?


We are only interested in the fees which we charge you, not the related expenses. We'll ask you for 50% of the fee up front and the balance on completion. Because the expenses vary and can be unpredictable, we suggest that you control them through the use of a "cash card". As you know, the sooner you book the cheaper the travel and we would ask for those expenses up front  and send you proof.  Finally, you should probably organise insurance; it is cheaper for you to do it rather than us.