Get your car from your door in the UK to your door in Europe



You pack the car, we’ll drive it and unpack it (get on that plane with nothing but the clothes on your back)   

We’ll drive with you, and/or your dog or anyone you wish - from Rock to Rannoch, from Oslo to Orvieto,  Concarneau to Corfu or Cape Town perhaps?



  We’ll prepare the house for your arrival (clean, air, check the water and electricity, sort out the garden, clean the pool)

We’ll stock it (food, booze and any other goodies you want) and who's going to cook? Need a cook? We'll find a cook to suit you.

Let us manage your property


Roddy has over 20 years' experience managing residential property from landscaping to maintenance to infrastructure. Old, new, budgets, planning, legal - what they call boring but important and ensuring that the value is enhanced  not static. The principles are the same worldwide  but supervision is critical and that's what we'll take off your hands.